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 Welcome to B & B House Leveling in San Angelo, TX!

B and B House LevelingIs your home in need of foundation repair?

B & B House Leveling is your answer! Established in 1958, B & B House Leveling is a family owned foundation repair business, located in San Angelo TX, that has been serving the community for over 53 years. We have been repairing foundations on homes for a very long time now, and they are still here and we’re not going no where either! A business you can count on.

B & B House Leveling can meet all your foundation repair needs. Whether your home is on a concrete foundation, pier & beam foundation or mobile home we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Concrete foundations are inspected outside, checking for cracked foundations, brick separation, leaning chimneys and gaps or shifting windows and doors. The inside is then inspected for cracks in concrete floors, sticking windows and doors, sheet rock cracks and cracks in the flooring.

There are several options to repairing your concrete foundation. We have proven time and time again that our unique hand dug 3’X3’X3’to 6’ deep concrete piers are unmatched by faster techniques. Most companies are using a push and pound system to resistance using the footing of the structure they are repairing. Using the foundation footing to push concrete cylinders or pipe can cause damage and further jeopardize the integrity of your foundation.

Our concrete piers are huge! B & B House Leveling hand digs under the footing of your foundation, 3’X3’ in diameter down to under disturbed soil, then fills the holes with concrete. We then use hydraulic jacks, concrete blocks and steel to lift the house back to it original position. When leveling is completed the area is topped with soil and landscaped.

Pier & beam structures are inspected outside, inside and under. Pier & Beam foundation problems vary from home to home. Problems can range anywhere from wood touching the ground decomposition, twisting beams from moisture and earth movement, or drought-sucking moisture from soil.

Call to schedule your inspection. (325) 653-7757 or (866) 653-7757.

Do you move mobile homes?

YES, B & B House Leveling will transport your mobile home.  We break down, set up and re-level your existing manufactured home to its new location.  Call for more information and an on site inspection. (325) 653-7757 or (866) 653-7757.

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